Ahad Khalil

Hey my name is Ahad Khalil, Im in my 2nd year of Bachelor Of Business Administration Degree, I'm majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation. I love looking at different types of startups all around the world and see how they started. I love doing that because I have many startup ideas of my own that I want to start and In the future I want to be working for a startup company or have started my own. I truly want to make connections in the business field because I know in business its important to have a solid networking base. I have an idea of a startup at the moment but I need the proper guidance and support on how I should start. My hobbies are that I love play and watch basketball, basketball is something grew up playing since I was young. Played for many teams growing up , now i do part time coaching and play for fun here and there. I also love meeting new people and talking to them about their life stories . Im really interested in Startup Edmonton and I cant wait to see whats to come!