Andrey Bugrov

Waste to Energy Generating
Toronto, Calgary
I’m so glad to introduce you today some unique and great breakthrough technology.
We’re developing an innovative combined thermodynamic cycle, based on our own inventions and know-how’s. This is a brand-new generation of Energy Efficiency and Waste Heat Recovery solutions. It will allow us to generate electricity with an efficiency of 25-30% from any low-grade heat in the range of 70-120°C.

All of our competitors use 200-year-old Carnot Cycle solutions such as ORC, Kalina cycle and others. These technologies are very expensive and not efficient.
We design our technology to solve all our clients needs.
It provides a completely new way of generating energy from low grade heat and new opportunities for petroleum companies to improve energy and financial efficiency. And to save our world for the next generations as well.
Energy generation from low grade heat < 100°CEnergy generation efficiency at 25-30%Capital cost reduction by at least 60% break even in < 4 years100 mW of electricity produced from low grade thermal power can reduce CO2 emissions by 151,000 tonnesOur solution is scalable from kW’s to multi mW’s systemsWe can provide a significant reduction in Carbon tax payments for our clients.Our technology become a combination of cleantech and fintech solutions, ideally suits all clients problems.
This solution will start a new era for waste heat recovery.
This will help all of you become carbon neutral as quickly as possible. Join us to enjoy our benefits.